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Merit Guide

Here’s a little guide that should put into perspective what alts can do for you to earn merit in the absence of selling gear to Ally and/or having to VIP gem merit to cover your overage. Max spend of merit per day is 4,600...

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Merit Merit can be collected starting at Lv. 27. Merit is the currency used to purchase items from the Alliance store as well as gear from Alliance Warehouse. Here are some guidelines for Merit: ✦ Donating Wolf totems and Magic...

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Alliance Warehouse

Joining an Alliance doesn’t just let you find new friends to battle with, you can also get even more and better Gear for your Adventurer! Can’t find enough high-level Gear? Fortunately HOC has got you covered! Players can put...

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Alliance Wars

Alliance Wars Alliance War Event starts at 22:00-22:13 every Wednesday and Saturday. Rewards include Gold Coins, Merit, Glory, Silver Whistles, and Seasonal rewards. ★ Registration Process: In order to participate in the...

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Alliance Dragonslaying

After joining an Alliance, you can take part in Dragonslaying once a day for free. Attack the Golden Dragon and you’ll earn Dragon Coins according to the amount of Damage you cause, which you can then use in the Dragon Coin Push...

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