Boss' Lair

Boss’ Lair becomes available at Lvl. 50.


Guidelines for Boss’ Lair:

Players only get two (2) tries per day
Opens every hour from 14:00-21:00 Server Time
There are 7 floors total
Rewards include boss chests, glory, and whistles
Higher level lairs unlock at 65, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, and 210

Floors And Fighting

Players will form teams of three (3) for a chance to fight the Boss on floor 7. Only 10 teams may enter Floor 7. There are 7 floors total with floors 1-6 being PvP matches against other teams. The combat for floors 1-6 is comparable to 3v3 mode. Players start off in the Boss’ Lair lobby until 2 minutes after the hour, when all players may enter.

During the matching process players will sit in a lobby until either they are matched and a 3 second countdown begins, or they get a bye (skip).

Boss Lair 14Boss Lair 15Boss Lair 16
Multiple buffs are available to players during Boss’ Lair. Buffs for floors 1-6 include swift (increase movement speed), strong (+30% attack), shield wall (-30% damage received), and HP restore.

On Floor 7 there is only one buff called Inspire that players can collect and use. Using Inspire gives all team members a 20% increase in attack.  Paying for inspire costs 40 magic gems and provides 40% increased attack to all team members.

During the fight with the Boss on floor 7, player also have a chance to get Divine Might which increases all team members attack by 100% for 10 Seconds. In order to obtain Divine Might, players must be the first team to fill the Damage Meter.


Rewards vary depending on overall team damage ranking, floor reached, and boss kill. Even if your team does not reach Floor 7 to fight the boss, you will still receive rewards. Rewards include glory, whistles, and boss chests that give gear. The gear from boss chests varies depending on which level boss players choose to fight.