Beanstalk feature unlocks at Lv. 57.

Climb the vine and earn rewards on successive floors. You get 4 free challenge tries a day to challenge a Vine Guardian Boss on each Beanstalk floor. Afterwards, you have the Reset option to raid from the very beginning to the current Beanstalk floor you stopped on.

When completing a trial floor for the first time, you will get bonus Magic Gems reward!

Sometimes, you get to choose a Tarot Card to help you beat the Vine Guardian Boss and proceed to the next floor. However, this option cannot be used when challenging Beanstalk Boss Floors.

The following below are the types of Divine Tarot Cards:

Pontiff: Get help from 5 darkshade drakes
Magician: Turn Boss into Llama

Lucky Wheel: All skill cooldown times immediately halve.
Chariot: Receive help from an Alliance member

Evil: Get help from the Previous Floor’s Mob
Moonlight: Get help from 5 bats

Sun: Transformed into a Top 10 Player in the Power Rankings
Strength: Gives you ATK +50%