Arms Race is an event that takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Players are split into two teams from which they must grab flags and deliver them to one of the two delivery spots to earn points. Killing players also earns points. The event awards glory and hammers depending on your rank placement and which team won. Points earned from this event count towards total points for the week regarding empire strike bonus rewards.


Gameplay and Map:

As sown below, the Arms Race map is diamond-shaped and consists of outer lanes that lead to the team spawns and delivery spots in the middle and bottom/top respectively. The inner three lanes lead to the flag spawners. The top and bottom spawners only spawn silver flags, whereas the middle spawns silver and gold flags. The silver flags will constantly spawn unless the carrier of the flag is killed, in which case there will be a delay in the spawn before it resumes respawning consistently again. Silver flag deliveries are worth 20 points, gold flags are worth 80, and killing players is worth 10.


Unfortunately, the matchmaking for this event is random, meaning that you can’t work out a plan with players prior. However, by utilizing the following strategies for this event, it is possible to win and even place high on the rankings without needing to be overtly more powerful than everyone else.

  • Flag Control- Working together with your camp, it is advised to take control of a side of the map (either top or bottom). This makes it possible to have constant carries and delivers of a silver flag between the players of your team. This makes scoring points through flag delivers possible at a continuous rate, which composes a large portion of the team’s points. Unlike Holy Grail War however, these sides tend to change much more often by powerful players clearing out a team’s forces, meaning that player need to adapt and choose another side if need be.
  • Warriors Flag Carriers- Warriors are the best flag carriers without a doubt. A warrior can use their whirlwind skill to dramatically increase their movement speed and deliver flags quickly, allowing more to spawn for your team.
  • Escorts- Don’t allow the flag carrier to go alone, this can result in them getting sniped or killed and thus limiting the number of flags you can have your controlled areas spawn, while also giving points to the enemy.
  • Enemy Lanes- Counteract getting killed by enemy forces if you use their lanes to deliver a flag. This often makes enemy players who are viewing the map think that their team is going to score, but it is in fact your team. This will also prevent players who are blocking your lane from killing your flag holder. Be wary of enemies in the lane though, as it is advisable to not go alone if you are weaker compared to most.
  • Middle Area Control- Taking control of the middle area is immensely important, as taking control of it makes it possible to deliver the silver and gold flags that spawn for more points, often changing the tide of the battle. Summoners are very useful for clearing out these areas, as they can stand outside the middle area and cast rain to hurt any targets within.
  • Killing Enemy Flag Carriers- This is something that can be done by many players who has good offensive power but due to a bloodline combo being the highest dps skill in the game, this a task that is best suited to them. Killing a flag carrier from the enemy-controlled flag spawner not only gives bonus points, but also stops their flag from spawning for an extended period of time- thus making the amount of points they can get even more finite. It also counteracts the strategy below.
  • Force Spawning Flags- You can forcefully spawn flags, thus warranting more flags to spawn at their spawn location, which results in even more points when all flags are delivered. To force spawn a flag, take the flag from the location you wish to see multiple flags spawn, then avoid delivering it to the flag delivery area. Instead hold onto it until a new flag spawns from the location you picked it up from. Then deliver the flag you are holding, and ta-da now that flag spawner now spawns two flags instead of one. I recommend you do this only on the flag spawner that your team controls, as doing it at the enemy flag spawner would allow the enemy camp to counteract the strategy with their own forced spawns. Similarly, don’t bother doing it in the middle area, as carriers tend to die a lot there. If a carrier dies while two flags are spawning from one location at a time, then the spawner reverts to only spawning one at a time.