Arena: Overview

Arena unlocks at Lv.17.

This game play feature allows players to fight against other players in order to receive a ranking and several rewards. It is different from other PvP features in that it is not a live battle.

Here are some guidelines for Arena:
✦ Players can only attack other players near their rank unless they are VIP 6 and above.
✦ Arena ranking rewards are given out around 22:00 server time each day.
✦ Each challenge costs 2 stamina.

Arena Challenge

In the Arena challenge, you have a total of six (6) people to challenge, four (4) above your current rank and two (2) below. You can challenge top five (5) players if you are VIP 6 or above and it costs 200 magic gems. The fighting is similar to other PvP aspects in the game, however it is not a live fight.

When you challenge a player and win the round, you take over their arena rank spot and they fall back to your previous arena rank.
You can only go up the Arena. You cannot go down the Arena unless someone below your rank defeats you.

You get huge EXP rewards based on your rank around 22:00 server time daily. Lucky rankings can give players Magic Gems rewards if they have that arena rank by 22:00. In addition to those rewards, you receive EXP rewards and miscellaneous rewards whenever you win a challenge. The random reward you can pick from is the same way as in treasure plunder.


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