Alliance Wars

Alliance War Event starts at 22:00-22:13 every Wednesday and Saturday. Rewards include Gold Coins, Merit, Glory, Silver Whistles, and Seasonal rewards.

★ Registration Process: In order to participate in the Alliance War event, alliance must have at least 10 players signed up and registered. After the event is over, players must register again for the next Alliance War.

★ Battle Records: This feature show records of your previous Alliance war matches, the amount of prestige earned, and alliance war rankings.

★ Fighting: This feature updates on the day before the Alliance War Event. Matching is based on prestige points from previous Alliance War.

★ Rankings: Alliance War Rankings are based on Prestige, [not] the overall power of an Alliance.

★ Main Force: Features the Alliance Chief and the Top 5 alliance members with the most points from the previous Alliance war. If brand new and have yet to participate in contest, the Top 5 alliance members featured are based on highest power.


There are two types of Alliance War Battlefields: Human Battlefield and Gods Battlefield.

★ Human Battlefield takes place only within your own server. [Take part and fight against other alliances in your local server for prestige points and rewards.]

★ Gods Battlefield requires your alliance to have 1000+ prestige points in order to participate in interserver alliance wars. [Take part and fight against other alliances from surrounding servers for prestige points and rewards]

War Event


At 22:00, the Alliance War contest feature unlocks and players can now enter the Battlefield. Preparation time is about (2) two minutes for players to enter and gather up at their respective alliance respawn point.

Kill monsters and other players, or pick up the Blade to earn points. Kill the Blade Holder to be able to pick up/steal the Blade. Alliance War Battle will finish earlier if one Alliance has more or equal to 75% points.

Alliance War Features:

★ Respawn Point: Players that are killed will respawn back to their respective Alliance respawn point. This respawn point has two defensive towers that will attack enemies that come near. If the player is low on HP, the respawn point serves as a HP restoration point as well.

=====Pro Tip! Please do not try and destroy Defensive Towers. It takes a long ass time to destroy even one of them AND it will kill you first.

[ If you do destroy one, it is worth *5,000+ points.] *needs double-check


★ Skeleton Monsters: Skellies will appear along the lanes and if killed, they are worth +20 points.

★ Blade: Blade spawns 45 seconds at the middle of the Battlefield. Blade Holder gets +30 points every ___ seconds, and keeps the blade for ___ seconds until it respawns back again at the middle.

After the battle finishes, you will get prestige according to Alliance’s points. Prestige is calculated monthly. Only 10% of any prestige that exceeds the amount require for the Interserver war will be kept. [e.g. If 1,000 prestige is needed to take part in Interserver War and your Alliance has 1,500 prestige, then after monthly calculation it will turn to 1050.]

Monthly Rankings are calculated on the 1st of every month at 04:00. Alliance that make it onto the rankings will get the Monthly Season rewards.

===== Pro Tip! Do NOT leave Alliance before Monthly Rankings are calculated; otherwise, you will miss out on Season rewards. (Like Beats did 🙁 )*

Seasonal Rewards include exclusive Titles, Gold Coins, Glory, Silver Whistles and Merits.
Personal Rankings based on individual player points by the end of Alliance war event, and rewards include lots of Gold Coins and Merits.