Abyss is a gameplay that features a multitude of bosses to kill, and is unlocked at level 60. As the player levels up, more abyss instances are unlocked. Abyss bosses drop special loot for the first three kills your team gets, then only drops magic ring materials (and potentially abyss boss chests). This guide will serve as an explanation as to how Abyss works, what you as a player should do there, and how to effectively farm this gameplay every day.


Why should I do Abyss?

Abyss at an early level doesn’t offer much- it only gives low level gears and treasure fragments. However, a player can still obtain necessary pieces of gear that they need at the time from abyss, as well as glory from abyss boss chests and a large quantity of magic ring materials. As the player levels up, they gain access to higher level abyss instances, which in turn will give better loot. Starting at level 140 players can obtain red II gear from in addition to red fate treasures, and at level 170, star gear can be obtained as well. Once a player reaches level 200, they can obtain the best reward of all- temporary tracks and fantasy weapon. While this ma not seem like much, it is a great alternative for player who do not want to buy tracks or fantasy weapons, and gives the 10 PvP power to the player for their effort upon equip as well as 6 to 12 gem slots. Note that level 200 abyss gives up to grade-7 star fragments as well, in addition to other rewards.

How do I do Abyss?

Players may get confused with how the Abyss system works, so allow me to elaborate: The first three kills a player gets will spawn bonus loot from the bosses that they kill. The loot that spawns is the one listed when you check the boss prior to entering- the gear, treasure, tracks, and fantasy weapon chests/bags. What does this mean? This means that if you want the best loot, you must kill the bosses that drop them AS YOUR FIRST 3 KILLS. To kill an abyss boss in the hopes that it will drop a fantasy weapon chest, for example, on your 7th kill is pointless- it simply won’t drop. The bottom three abyss bosses are always the ones that give the best loot, therefore, a player should enter the highest-level abyss instance that they can, and kill only the bottom three bosses until you have racked up three kills. (You can check your kill count by exiting abyss and looking at the bottom left corner of the abyss tab.) The abyss bosses spawn between the hours of 12:00-2:00 game time every day, with an 11-minute spawn timer between deaths. Once a player has gotten their 3 kills, they can continue to kill bosses for the magic ring materials that drop (and the coin bags) until they cannot collect any more. Additionally, abyss boss chests will continue to drop for some time until they simply don’t any more.

Abyss Boss Chests-

Abyss boss chests drop randomly when a team kills an abyss boss. They contain whistles and glory (and embers at higher levels) and are assigned to a specific player on the team- making it so that only that player can pick it up. Note that a player does not need to actively do any damage to the abyss boss whatsoever to get the abyss boss chest to spawn, they simply have to be on the team that kills it. Abyss boss chests continue to spawn past the first three kills a player gets and unlike all other forms of loot in abyss, is not guaranteed to spawn. Bonus loot is guaranteed to spawn for the first three kills of the player/team, and magic ring materials and coin bags will also continuously spawn on a kill (albeit at varying rates). However, abyss boss chest spawns are completely random, the player they are assigned to is random (unless you are in a one-man team), and the amount of times they will spawn is random (or unknown) as after a while it will simply stop spawning.


Abyss Boss Kills & Hate Value-

Now, unlike literally EVERY other type of boss in the game, abyss boss kills are NOT dependent on who gets the last hit. Instead, the kill is awarded to every member of the team with the player who did the most damage to the boss upon its death. The damage being dealt is indicated through the hate values on the left side of the screen. The more damage a player does, the more hate value they get. The player who has the highest hate value gets the boss’ agro, and has their name broadcasted above so that they are more easily targetable by enemy players. Even if a team’s collective hate value is greater than that of the opposing team’s, if that opposing team has the player who has the highest hate value, they will all be awarded the kill upon the boss dying. Furthermore, the entire team receives the boss kill rewards upon one of their members getting the kill- and don’t worry, each bonus loot is assigned to a specific person on the team, thereby making it impossible to be stolen by stranglers or your own teammates. Also note that a player cannot receive more than three boss kills worth of bonus loot, even if they are on a team with members who have not yet completed their three kills. One last thing to make note of regarding the hate value- it gets cut in half every time the player dies. This means that a player needs to be both high damage and incapable of frequently dying in the face of opposition should they want to get the kill. Otherwise, they will lose half their hate value every time they die, in addition to losing valuable time spent doing damage while they are dead.

The Daily Grind-

Do abyss every day, and make sure that you kill the highest-level bosses that you can as your first three kills. This allows you to get the most out of abyss, as you are getting the special loot. Once you have your three kills, backtrack to the lower level abyss bosses and kill them for coin, magic ring materials, and potential abyss boss chests. To not do abyss daily is to lose out of a lot of magic ring levels over time, important gear and treasures, glory & embers, PvP power from fantasy weapon and tracks, and even copious amounts of coin. If you feel as though you are incapable of getting the kills you want, don’t hesitate to use your alliance, friends, and anyone else to help you secure the kills and loot you need. Teamwork is an important aspect of this gameplay and serves as a means to ensure that you can win in the face of great opposition.