3v3 unlocks at Lvl. 60

3v3 mode allows players to fight other players in order to obtain glory.

Guidelines for 3v3:
✦ Players can get a max of 800 glory, but tries are unlimited
✦ 3v3 is only available Mon-Wed for players over 118
✦ Teams are matched according to power

Fighting and Buffs

During the matching process players can see how much glory they have already earned along with win streak, total wins, and total battles. If there is a large power difference between the two teams, rewards will be doubled, winners get 200 glory, and 100 glory for defeat. Normal glory obtained without a big power difference is 100 glory for winners, and 50 glory for defeat.

Upon winning or losing a match players can view how much damage they did, how many players they killed, along with how much the other team did.

Several buffs are available during 3v3 combat including: Shield wall (-30% DMG received), HP Restore, Strong (+30% attack), and Swift (increased movement speed). Players can find these buffs across the battlefield, as soon as they are grabbed they are activated.