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Merit Guide

Here’s a little guide that should put into perspective what alts can do for you to earn merit in the absence of selling gear to Ally and/or having to VIP gem merit to cover your overage. Max spend of merit per day is 4,600...

Stages & Zodiac

There are 2 Types of Stages: Common Stages and Boss Stages. COMMON STAGE BOSS STAGE For each Story Chapter, there is a total of 10 Stages (4 Boss Stages and 6 Common Stages). The next Chapter can only be unlocked once player...

Holy Grail War

Holy Grail War is an event that takes place every Friday for players who are on the monument. It...

Genes Guide

Genes are the new addition to the game that increase your stats through training, pairing,...


Viper is a relatively new addition to the game that comes with some staggering benefits, if and...

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Holy Artifacts

Holy Artifacts are holy weapons you place in Goddesses Holy Places that can give additional stats and attribute bonuses, and can unlock special Holy Skills. Holy Artifacts unlocks at Level 123 along with Hero Epic gameplay...

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