Dragon skills are stats/modifiers that affect character, deploy, endo, and exo. There are four skills that can be taken per unit and can range from green to gold in grade. When four golds have been taken on a single dragon, the main dragon skill can be activated. This guide will go into the best ways to get all four golds without wasting gems/materials in excess, as well as divulge into how the skill works in general.



To get dragon skills you need either dragon skill materials or gems. Up until recently, dragon skills were only available to get through recharging for their materials, however, with the new updates, they are available to all and can be leveled/acquired without restriction. To unlock the capability to get dragon skills, you must first activate a dragon using 20 pacts of the specific dragon, and all aspects of that dragon will be unlocked for use, of which, dragon skills is a part of.


Learn/Skill Reset-

Upon using dragon skill materials with the learn button, you will either gain a new skill (if not all slots are unlocked), level up an existing skill to make its effects stronger, or the learning will fail. In each of these instances you will lose one dragon skill material or 120 gems, depending on which one was used to learn. If learning x10 is selected instead, then you will lose 10 materials or 1200 gems (or a combination of both that meets the x10 learn cost). A word to the wise, never do x10 learn unless you have all four gold dragon skills and are willing to keep them as they are. This is because x10 learning when you don’t have all four golds will result in wasting more gems/materials necessary by procing more fails.

Skill reset lets you clear any unlocked dragon skills and return their activations/levels as one dragon skill material apiece. However, the cost of skill reset goes up with each skill unlocked, with 50 gems being the bare minimum with no skills locked. One skill locked has a reset cost of 100 gems, two skills locked is 150.

Main Dragon Skill-

To activate this, you need all four dragon skills to be gold grade. The issue with this is that you can only lock two skills.  This means that upon resetting your skills with two golds already locked, you MUST get two gold skills in a row, otherwise you will need to reset again. E.g. you have two gold skills locked and no other skills activated besides those two golds. Then, upon using a learn, you get a gold skill. Since you cannot save more than two skills at a time, if you do not get a gold skill in your last slot, you have no choice but to skill reset and try again for the four golds needed. This, combined with the 150 gems per reset with two skills locked, is what makes dragon skills so expensive if you are unlucky. Keep in mind that if you reset after getting all four golds, you will lose the main dragon skill. 

Pro tip: Since fails end up costing you gems/materials, it’s important to avoid learning more than you need to. When aiming for the main dragon skill, have two golds locked and then only learn once. If you do not get a gold dragon skill, then immediately skill reset, as learning all the way to 4 skills when you know you can’t get 4 golds is just asking for more chances for fails.

Skills and Leveling-

The chart below illustrates the effects of skills as they are acquired and then leveled to max. Skill can come both as static values and % modifiers, so when taking skills, it important to be on the lookout for these % values as they will help you far more than static values.